Can We Help?

We receive several calls per week to donate inflatables to great fundraisers. Unfortunately we are unable to honor the substantial amount of requests that we field. At we do want to help every organization with their fundraiser, by helping raise awareness and funds in order to have a bounce house or other inflatable to make the fundraiser a success.

When you fill out the application below, we'll create a page for you to market your needs. You can solicit donations for your inflatables, and we'll take care of receiving all the payments and keeping them for your reservation. If you don't receive enough to fund your event, you can either kick in the rest, or we'll give you the donations received so far minus a minimal processing fee.

Fundraiser Info

(Event or Org. name)

Make sure that your goal amount covers the rental and delivery costs, including any generators you may need. For an estimate, start the online reservation process but stop when it asks for your personal details.

Cause Details

Tell potential donors a little more about your event and how you plan to use the inflatables.


Set the last date you'd like to receive funding. Make sure that you set this date early enough that you're likely to get the inflatables you want. We recommend setting your deadline at least 30 days in advance of your event to ensure that you can reserve an inflatable. If you have the budget to pay even if you come up short on donations, you can set your deadline for the day of the event and make your reservation online now.

Fundraising Deadline:

Private Fundraising

Normally, we post your fundraising need on our web site for all to see and donate.

If this is a family event and you'd like to keep your request for donations restricted to people whom you tell, check the box below. You'll get a private address that you can share, but no one else can find the page.