Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball is a Brand New concept for your event! Its big, its bold, and its extreme! Its the Ultimate High Energy game. (4) Players climb atop their inflated pads. One of the players grabs the Wrecking Ball and hurls it at

$350.00 per Event-Day*

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their opponent in an attempt to knock the player off of their inflated pad. As the Wrecking Ball swings back, try and grab it! The player, who grabs it first, then hurls it at another player, trying to knock that player off. The last player standing is the champion.

Must be 48 inches tall or taller to participate

Allow approximately 17 feet in height and nearly 30 feet around!

Dimensions: Length 29ft., Width 29ft., Height 17ft.

*An Event-Day is the length of a one-day event and lasts up to 6 hours